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Day 4: Gang Leader sees a drop in collections

Gang Leader 4 days collections

Gang Leader 4 Days Collections: Nani’s Gang Leader that took good openings on its first weekend has seen a huge drop on Monday. For any movie, the first Monday is the real test. Nani’s “Gang Leader” saw drop more than 50 % which is not a healthy sign.

The fourth-day collections for the movie are just about Rs 1 Cr in Telugu states. The film is better in the Nizam region thanks to Hyderabad’s multiplex collections.

Day 1 Share: 1.67 Cr
Day 2 Share: 1.48 Cr
Day 3 Share: 1.52 Cr
Day 4 Share: 0.53 Cr
Total Nizam share: RS 5.20 Cr

However, the rural areas in AP and Telangana are providing low numbers. The crime comedy should hold this; it should not dip further this week. Or it would be impossible to reach the break-even stage. The film did nearly Rs 30 Cr pre-release business worldwide but it needs to get Rs 21 Cr to achieve the break-even stage in Telugu states. Rs 8 Cr needed for the film. Getting another Rs 8 Cr is not a big task but it ought to hold well in the next couple of days.

Day 1- 4.50 Cr
Day 2 – 3.50 Cr
Day 3 – 3.80 Cr
Day 4 – 1.18 Cr
Total AP & TS share: Rs 12.98 Cr

Directed by Vikram Kumar and produced by Mythri Movie Makers, “Gang Leader” is a revenge story with comedy elements. “RX 100” fame Karthikeya played the role of a villain. This is the second release from Nani this year after critically acclaimed “Jersey”. After delivering blockbuster “Manam”, Vikram Kumar is yet to give another clean hit. “24” and “Hello” didn’t bring joy to the producers with the collections.

The film saw the debut of Tamil actress Priyanka Arul Mohan in Tollywood.

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