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Nani’s Gang Leader – First Week Collections

Gang Leader First Week Collections

The much-hyped Nani’s Gang Leader has ended its first week run with pretty average collections all over. The film collected Rs. 14.50 crore (share) in its first week. The film ran exceptionally good in its first three days but it had a flat week later. The first-week number is poor for a Nani starrer. 

The film collected about Rs 11.80 Cr in its opening weekend but the collection went down thereafter. The film saw big drop on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Total First Week Collections AP and TS: Rs 14.50Cr 

Total 7 Days WW collections: 19.40 Cr 

The film directed by Vikram Kumar of “Manam” fame is a crime comedy. It received mixed reviews. When it posted good collections in the first weekend, the trade believed that Nani would take it to the winning post with the help of his star power. However, it dipped further. 

First Week Total WW Collections

Nizam – 5.90
Ceded -1.80
UA- 1.99
East – 1.27
West – 0.89
Guntur – 1.16
Krishna – 1.08
Nellore – 0.48
Total AP TS – Rs 14.50 Cr

ROI – 1.51
OS – 3.50
Total Worldwide – Rs 19.40 Cr

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