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Saaho Collections: Rs 200 Cr gross in 2 days

Saaho Collections Rs 200 Cr gross in 2 days

Prabhas starrer “Saaho” has taken a record-breaking opening at the Box Office despite negative talk. It was expected to take a huge opening but it has exceeded the expectations. The film raked in Rs 104 Cr gross in India on the first day. It has collected an even bigger amount in North India on the second day. In a rare case, “Saaho” has registered a higher amount than the first day in Hindi heartland. The film had collected Rs 24 Cr nett in the Hindi market on the second day.

In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana too, the action-adventure thriller starring Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor has collected more than 10 Cr distributor’s share on its second day. After “Baahubali 2”, this is the only film to achieve such feat.

All in all, “Saaho” has raked in nearly Rs 200 Cr gross in two days in India.

Saaho Collections – All India

Day 1 – Rs 104.5 Cr (Gross)
Day 2 – Rs 95 Cr (Gross)

Saaho Collections – AP and Telangana

Day 1 – Rs 35 Cr (share)
Day 2 – Rs 10 Cr (Share)

“Saaho” is directed by Sujeeth Reddy and produced by UV Creations. Made on a budget of Rs 300 Cr, the film received bad reviews from all the critics. It was slammed for its incoherent script and lack of appealing moments despite great production values and high technical values.

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