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Saaho – First Week Collections

Saaho first week collections

The much-hyped Prabhas’s “Saaho” has proved that he can bring staggering openings. He pulled the audiences to theaters across the nation declaring that he’s bigger start than all current South Indian stars. Again, the film has proved that no amount of stardom is enough to make a movie success, it is content that matters. After the initial hype and openings, “Saaho” has totally fizzled out at the box-office in the Telugu states. The overall collection of the Telugu version in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana is Rs 73.5 Cr (share).

The film has already joined the all-time top 10 highest earners of Telugu films. The collection figure definitely looks huge but it is a huge loss venture for all the distributors.

In Ceded, the distributor will lose more than 50% on investment. In Andhra region, every distributor will lose money in the range of 30%. Nizam region is looking somewhat better, it may eventually scrape through to the break-even stage.

The film has already been declared a disaster in the USA market.

Nizam – 26

Ceded – 10.75

U.Andhra – 8.95

Guntur – 7.60 East – 6.90

West – 5.30

Krishna – 4.70

Nellore – 3.82

Total First Week Share – Rs 74.02 Cr

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