Bellamkonda gets a big shock

Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas

Bellamkonda Srinivas has not delivered a single hit so far but he is regularly releasing films without a break. This year, we have already seen him in Teja’s “Sita” and this Friday, we will see him in “Rakshasudu”. But these two films have brought his market down.

Irrespective of lacking hits in Telugu, he has created a craze in the Hindi dubbing market. His films have been fetching a great price for Hindi dubbing rights. This is the main reason for producers doing films with him. Teja’s ‘Sita’ was sold for Rs 12 Cr for Hindi dubbing.

But now, his “Rakashasudu” is facing big trouble. The production company that bought the Hindi rights of this film for Rs 10 Cr is now refusing to give that money. They say that can’t give beyond Rs 6 Cr. Such a big shock Bellamkonda has received.