Hippi is a huge flop

On the eve of Ramzan, Tollywood saw two releases – Kartikeya starrer ‘Hippi’ and Havish’s ‘Seven’ and both of them bit the dust at the box-office. Havish’s ‘Seven’ got fairly better reviews compared to ‘Hippi’ but there were no expectations on Havish’s movie. On the other hand, ‘Hippi’ was riding high on expectations as it was Kartikeya’s immediate release after the smash hit ‘RX 100’ that brought him fame and success.

Shockingly, ‘Hippi’ took pretty below par openings in Telugu states. On its first day, the romantic drama, directed by Tamil filmmaker T N Krishna, received just Rs 45 lakhs. On the second day, another Rs 30 lakhs came in. It will end its first weekend with just about Rs 1.50 Cr share. Made on a budget of Rs 11 Cr, ‘Hippi’ will end up as a disaster.

The film had beautiful actress Digangana Suravamshi as the heroine. She bared her assets and did steamy kiss sequences. Kartikeya too had showed off his ripped body. But youth didn’t show interest in the film.