How many numbers of people Sri Reddy has slept with?

Sri Reddy

Sri Reddy has been revealing that she has slept with several heroes, directors, producers and character artists to get a chance in movies. She revealed the intimate pictures she took with Abhiram, son of producer Suresh Babu, who had promised her to give big break in Tollywood. She said all the directors and actors who had sexual relationship went back on their promises and never gave an offer.

However, she says she has not slept with not big number of people as everyone is assuming. She posted: ” Few people are thinking that my list is huge,wrong my list is very very small ..if tris..,nay..t..a,ka..l,sa..t.. are good actresses, top heroines if they open up about their list.. after listen that huge list you people wl die..”

From the day she revealed Abhiram’s name to today, how many names have come so far? People have noting down all the names she has revealed.

Here is the list of every man she’s allegedly slept with as per her Facebook feed. This list is purely compiled based on her Facebook post. We are not responsible for its authenticity..

1. Nani (actor)
2. Abhiram (producer’s son)
3. Sriram (actor)
4. Indian Idol Sriram (singer)
5. Sundar C (director)
6. Lawrence (director)
7. Allu Bobby (producer’s son)
8. A R Murugadoss (director)

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1. Siva Koratala
2. Kona Venkat
3. Samrat