I didn’t kiss him: Poojitha Ponnada

Poojitha Ponnada, the Telugu-speaking actress who was seen in ‘Rangasthalam’ and ‘Darsakudu’ earlier, is gearing up for the grand release of the romantic thriller ‘Seven’ on June 5.  In this interview, catch the beauty talk about her role, the film ‘Seven’, what makes it a different movie, her future projects and more.  

Tell us about your journey so far in the film industry

My schooling and college were in Chennai. I started out as a software employee.  Before entering the movie industry, I did a few short films.  Sukumar garu gave me a call after watching one of them and offered me ‘Darsakudu’.  After ‘Rangasthalam’, the urge in me to try new kind of roles and showcase my acting skills went up many notches.  The urge has only been increasing.  

So, you don’t have a film background.  It must have been very hard, right?

Yes, I have no film background.  Nobody in my family has been into cinema.  They were shocked when I told them I would be doing films.  My family members live in Mumbai.  I used to work on short films during weekends.  Everybody’s journey is different.  Hardwork is very important in the film industry.  You have to be in the right place at the right time.  I can speak only for myself.  Some people enter the industry with the passion to become an actor right from childhood.  Others are not like that.  I belong to the second category.  

Coming to ‘Seven’, what is your role like in it?

My role is suspenseful.  So, I can’t talk much about it.  It’s a romantic crime thriller.  Answers to some of the questions will be found in my character.  It’s a different kind of role altogether. This is my first proper love story.  

How was it doing a lip-lock?

(Smiles) I don’t have a lip-lock in the movie.  I must be the only heroine who doesn’t have a lip-lock scene in ‘Seven’.  I don’t know what other heroines have done in the movie.  I am neither for or against lip-locks.  It all depends on the script.  

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How was it working with the director and actor Havish?

I have known Nizar Shafi as a very good cameraman but this time, I could witness his directorial talent.  It was a great experience working with him.  As for Havish, he is a very dedicated person.  I had known him before this film as a friend before this film happened.  He is quite committed.  ‘Seven’ has been a superb experience.  I like the song featuring me the most.  Chaitan Bharadwaj of ‘RX 100’ fame has done a remarkable job.  

As a Telugu-speaking girl, how do you see the industry changing?

These days, there is an increasing demand for Telugu-speaking girls.  For example, ‘Darsakudu’ happened only because the director felt only a Telugu girl should do it.  Same goes with the other directors with whom I have worked.  I instantly come across as a Telugu girl.   Female-oriented movies are being made in more numbers.  I think things are changing.    

What is your definition of glamour?

Glamour is something that should look nice.  It’s not about going bold; it’s something that everyone can enjoy.  

What about your upcoming movies?

‘Kalki’ is up for release soon.  It’s a very different movie.  I will be seen as a tribal girl in the film.  I have a Telugu and a Tamil film lined up later.  In one of the new films, I will be sharing screen space with Keerthy Suresh.  I am open to doing negative roles as well.  

We heard that you are utterly disappointed with ‘Where Is The Venkatalakshmi’.  What went wrong?

I regret doing ‘Where Is The Venkatalakashmi’.  I don’t want to go into too many details.  There was a whole lot of manipulation.  They didn’t do what was narrated to me.  Even the promotions didn’t go as they said they would go.  It was supposed to be a love story.  Two months after I came on board, they told me I would have to do a romantic song.  But it turned out to be something else (erotic song).