Is Nabha Natesh acting over smart?

Nabha Natesh is the hottest heroine of Tollywood. Ram Gopal Varma even declared her as Ileana 2.0. She doesn’t have such craze that Ileana got after the “Pokiri” but this Bangalore beauty has already started throwing starry tantrums.

She started behaving as if she has already become a huge star. Her actions and her words have given such impression, say the industry. The ambitious actress had two flops before she tasted success with “iSmart Shankar”.

She is also giving tips to men to carry their girlfriends on their shoulders on the beach. You have to pamper them, she tells men in some of her recent interviews. Her video interviews are sounding silly.

Nabha Natesh has shown off her skin liberally in the film and mouthed all awkward dialogues written by Puri Jaganandh.