Is this why Pawan married Anna?

With Renu Desai recently opening up on her divorce, new light has been thrown on the Pawan Kalyan – Anna Lezhneva affair. Even though it has been almost eight years since Renu got separated from Power Star (with a formal divorce happening only in 2013), she has been silent about what was the last straw in her relationship with the actor.

She kept mum on what made her go in for divorce.

Recently, in a chat with journalist Swapna, Renu revealed that Pawan impregnating a woman (Anna) even when he was her (Renu’s) husband broke her heart.  

She also added that Pawan was the first one to seek divorce 11 years after being her soulmate. Renu turned angry out of sadness.  She seems to have argued with Pawan. But it was of no avail. The relationship had to fall apart.  

Renu, in her style, asked how one any woman can tolerate this kind of behaviour. She suggested that Pawan betrayed her. She also questioned those female fans who sympathize with Power Star as to whether they can accept such a betrayal.