iSmart Shankar copy of “Criminal”?

iSmart Shankar

Director Puri Jagannadh’s “iSmart Shankar” releases this Thursday (July 18, 2019). Ram Gopal Varma has been promoting the film on social media saying this is going to take staggering openings. But it’s lead actor Ram Pothineni has left for holidays not promoting the film. Is he not sure about the movie’s success?

Fresh reports suggest that “iSmart Shankar” is a copy of two international movies and one of them is “Criminal”. In “Criminal”, police implant a chip in a rowdy for a special mission. The rowdy boy now turns a good guy to help the police. It is a similar template of “Pokiri” and “Temper”.

Puri Jagannadh is sure that this template would bring him back in the limelight as he had delivered a couple of blockbusters with this bad boy hero turning out to be a great hero.