Kajal Aggarwal needs a hit

Kajal Aggarwal is turning up the heat with her photo shoot pictures but her films are not considered as hot movies by the trade. She has series of flops in the recent times and producers are now wary about taking her in new films.

Kajal’s recent films such as “MLA”, “Kavacham” and “Sita” tanked. Two films that she did with Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas bombed like anything. She had lot of hopes on “Sita” as it was directed by her guru Teja with whom she had two successful collaborations earlier. But the film flopped.

She is trying to woo the new generation of audiences with her hot photographs and she is sharing them regularly on Twitter and Instagram. Although she is getting likes for these pictures on social media, her films are flopping. With not many films in Telugu, she has pinned all her hopes on ‘Ranarangam’ which hits the screens this August.

The film has Sharwanand as main lead and Sharwa is also going bad phase. She has signed “Indian 2” opposite Kamal Haasan in the direction of Shankar but the film has been put on hold. Clearly, her career is in trouble and she now needs a hit.