Kajal Aggarwal’s breast-fondling scene chopped?

Kajal Aggarwal’s breast-fondling scene

Kajal Aggarwal has done a daring scene in her upcoming Tamil movie “Paris Paris” which is an official remake of Bollywood blockbuster movie “Queen”. The censor board in Chennai felt the film needs many scenes to be cut. Buzz is that the board proposed 25 cuts in the film.

The makers have agreed to cut only one scene – removing the sequence of another actress touching the breast of Kajal Aggarwal in a dressing room. When the film’s trailer released with this scene, it went viral and people laughed at this.

Kajal Aggarwal said that there is no need to chopping any scene as it is a faithful remake of “Queen” which was cleared by the same board earlier. She hoped that members of the censor board will approve the film without cuts in Tamil as well.

But producers have reportedly agreed to remove this breast-fondling scene. However, they are fighting for other scenes and words.