Nagarjuna: I did kiss scenes 30 years ago


Nagarjuna is laughing off at the trolling that he is facing over the kiss scenes in “Manmadhudu 2”. In the trailers of his upcoming release, it was obvious that he had some lip-lock sequences with several young actresses. He must be playing the role of a middle-aged Casanova. 

However, online trollers have created ruckus over his lip lock scenes. Reacting to the controversy, Nagarjuna said such scenes are not new to him. “When actors were even hesitating to give a peck to the actresses, I did kiss scenes in Geetanjali. I was the trendsetter in South India. So why to worry about this nonsense over lip locks now,” he retorted.

But he is missing a major point here. The trolling is not about kiss scenes but him. He is now 60-years-old. At the age of 60, how would you romance on the screen and that too with the actresses who are younger than your son Akhil? But Nagarjuna is conveniently missing this point and boasting about “Geetanjali”. 

“Manmadhudu 2” is releasing on August 9. The film features Rakul Preet Singh as the heroine. Directed by Rahul Ravindran, it has music by Chaitan Bharadwaj.