NGK turns into a disaster at box-office

As expected ‘NGK’ has turned out to be a flop. The political drama, starring Suriya in the lead, stunned everyone by welcoming disgust! It received a low rating of 1, 2 or 2.25 from most film critics.

The openings were lousy in the Telugu States. On Day 1, it was as bad as Rs 2 Cr. On Day 2, the Nizam territory saw a heavy drop compared to Day 1.

Producer KK Radhamohan had bought the film for Rs 8 Cr (theatrical rights). He is now expected to make a colossal loss of about Rs 5 Cr.

Director Selvaraghavan has come a cropper. He has said that the film has got “hidden layers and stories” but the audience are not interested in subtleties. A mass film, especially a political drama, has to be narrated in a clear-cut fashion. He failed to do so and all the stakeholders, including the hero, are paying the price.

NGK Telugu Movie

‘NGK’ starred Suriya as Nanda Gopala Kumar and Sai Pallavi played his wife’s role. Rakul did the role of Vanitha, a PR strategist for a political party.

While fans and critics slammed the film, the director thanks audiences for ‘outstanding response’.

The film’s original producer said that the movie is a ‘slow watch’ and should be seen in that context.

At Telugu states, it is turning out to be a huge disaster.