Pooja Hegde angry with Harish Shankar

Pooja Hegde is not at all happy with the recent developments. Apparently, she has had a tiff with director Harish Shankar when he spread the news that she is on board of his current project “Valmiki” even she’s still discussing the remuneration with the producers.

Pooja Hegde believes that Harish Shankar leaked the news to the media about her casting with a purpose. She suspects that he wanted to put pressure on her through media. As Harish gave her break in Tollywood with “DJ Duvvada Jagannadham”, Pooja shows her gratitude towards him. But she got infuriated with his behavior of leaking the news even before she signing on the dotted line. The producers were not willing to big pay check but the news came out that she demanded Rs 2 Cr remuneration.

Last we heard, she has denied of signing up this movie. Poor Harish Shankar is now left with no heroine for this movie that has Varun Tej as main hero.