Poonam Kaur meets UN officials

Poonam Kaur meets UN officials

Poonam Kaur feels strongly about peace and non-violence. This year, as the world remembered Mahatma Gandhi on his 150th Jayanti, the actress celebrated the special day at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York by doing something unique.

Poonam gifted a token of peace portrait of Gandhiji to the most-respected Ambassador Syed Akbaruddin of India’s Permanent Representative at the UN. She also met with Ambassador Sandeep Chakraborty at the Consulate General of India and Nagaraj Naidu, Deputy Permanent Representative at India’s Mission to the UN.

“The artwork is stylized with Worli, Kalamkari and Madhubani methods. I am so very happy to have shared some ideas and moments with respected dignitaries. Special thanks to Syed Akbaruddin sir for hearing me out on my observations regarding peace, which I strongly feel we all must inculcate in everyday life. I am extremely glad to have had an appointment with him,” Poonam says.

“The first painting has reached our Prime Minister through higher authorities. I believe that Gandhiji’s journey of peace made him get us freedom and his principles have made him a life-long phenomenon for us to look up to. This is my journey to arrive at peace and I hope all of us find it too,” the actress adds.

She also says, “I do activities like this with social service in mind and not for my self-promotion. I hope my message of peace, love and humanity reaches one and all.”