Pragathi accuses a comedian of misbehaving with her

“A well-known comedian started touching inappropriately and used double-meaning dialogues during a scene on one of the film sets,” senior actress Pragathi Mahavadi recalled her past experiences.

Pragathi Mahavadi is the most popular character artiste in Telugu films. She is regularly seen in the roles of a mother to top actresses or top actors. In an interview, she did bare open the details of the horrific experience she had with this ogling comedian. She didn’t reveal his name but the comedy actor is reportedly infamous for misbehaving with actresses on the sets.

She said in detail what had happened.

“I was shooting for a movie that had one of the top stars of Tollywood in the lead role. On that day, the director was shooting combination scenes involving me and this comedian. Many other actors were also present. But he began using double meaning talks. I ignored them. Then he tried unchivalrous body contact.”

She further said that she confronted him.

“I understood what I was trying to do. As soon as the shot was ended, I went to his caravan and asked him to mend his ways. If not, I will expose you in front of everyone on the sets, I told him. He then became silent,” she recalled.

This didn’t end there. Though he didn’t misbehave with her again, she says he began spreading rumors about her in the movie industry.

Pragathi refused to name the comedian. “But thankfully, despite his bad propaganda against me, filmmakers approached me and offered films,” she said.