Rana’s mother gave her kidney to him

Actor Rana Daggubati underwent kidney transplant surgery at a famous hospital in Chicago in the USA early this week. The donor was his mother Lakshmi. Rana’s mother, his aunt, and actor Naga Chaitanya have come forward to donate their kidneys to save Rana Daggubati’s life. After many tests conducted, doctors have transplanted Rana’s mother’s kidney to him.

The surgery had been successful and he’s recovering well.

Rana noticed uneasiness and low-energy two years ago. He initially thought that it was Blood Pressure issue but doctors have found that his kidneys are not functioning properly due to a rare disease. One in lakhs of people is born with such malfunction of a kidney. He underwent treatment with medicines in India for over a year. He also got treated in Singapore but finally, transplantation happened in the USA.

We wish him a very speedy recovery and strength to him.