Ravi Teja to respond to ‘Cheap Star’ comment?

Ravi Teja to respond to Cheap Star comment

Ravi Teja was in shock with director Ajay Bhupathi’s tweet about him. Ajay Bhupathi debuted as a director with ‘RX100’ and he was signed to direct Ravi Teja in a movie called “Maha Samudram”. Ravi Teja has rejected the film after telling Ajay Bhupathi to prepare the pre-production work. Angry Ajay Bhupathi openly called Ravi Teja as a cheap star. He tweeted this and since then media has written many stories about Mass Maharaja.

Now, Google is giving cheap star key words for Ravi Teja. Ravi Teja didn’t expect such an attack from an upcoming director. Ravi Teja has rejected many films after initially agreeing to them. Until now no director had dared to take on Ravi Teja but Ajay Bhupathi went ahead.

Ravi Teja is now sulking and he wants to respond strongly. But if he responds, it will put the star in further embarrassment.