Rumors about Pavitra Lokesh

Pavitra Lokesh is most beautiful character artiste. She is playing mother roles in Tollywood but she has lot of admirers for her beauty as well.

The latest buzz is that another character artiste in Tollywood is in deep love with her. He is trying to become close to her. Lot of speculations are doing rounds about this guy. He never wastes his time to be near her on the sets when they act together.

Then there is another rumor that is doing rounds that she is now living with another character artiste in Hyderabad. Whenever she comes to Hyderabad, she stays in his house only. This has prompted to many speculations about their relationship.

Pavitra Lokesh is from Bangalore. She once was a top actress in Kannada films but she is now playing mother roles to heroes and heroines in Tollywood.