Samantha Vs Sandeep Vanga, Twitter war is on!

Actress Samantha is a feminist. She comments against male chauvinistic attitude. She rants against selective celebrities who exhibit ‘deeply disturbing’ attitude. But she rants against those who are not powerful. She would not dare comment against Nandamuri Balakrishna who publicly commented that his fans expect him to either kiss his heroine or make her pregnant. Such awful comments were slammed by all but not Samantha.

Her double standards are now being exposed by the netiznes as she soon as she posted a comment against director Sandeep Vanga’s video interview to journalist Anupama Chopra. Sandeep Vanga’s comment there is nothing wrong in ‘slapping’ your lover definitely is regressive, highly objectionable. But ranting against his video interviews and avoiding Balakrishna and other powerful stars shows her hollowness in her thoughts and activism.

Since she posted this on social media against Sandeep Vanga, filmmakers like Ram Gopal Varma have come in support of this young director and netizens are exposing Samantha’s double standards.