Shivathmika open for lip-locks!

Shivathmika debuted in “Dorasaani” as an actress. Her first film was a failure at the box-office. However, she won the praise for her confident performance and her expressive eyes got a lot of appreciation.

Several celebrities have complimented her and said she’s here to stay.

Shivathmika is the younger daughter of Rajasekhar and Jeevitha, the star couple. The star daughters would not do intimate scenes or lip locks. But Shivathmika has no such reservations. She clearly stated that she would act in kiss scenes as long as they are aesthetically done and is required for the emotional aspect of the story but not for just titillation.

She has done simple kiss-scene in “Dorasaani”. The young actress is hoping to bag more films. She has already signed her second film.