Shruti Haasan talks about alcohol addiction, break-up with a boyfriend

Did you know that Shruti Haasan had suffered from the drinking problem? Shruti herself confessed this news to a celebrity host. In her long chat with Manchu Lakshmi, Shruti Haasan spoke at length about various issues. From alcohol addiction to her boyfriend, her health issues to her father, Shruti Haasan revealed many unknown aspects of her life and career.

Badly addicted to whiskey

“I loved taking whiskey. It was a social drinking habit. Soon I got addicted to it. I have stopped taking it now. I have suffered health due to this addiction. Today I overcame this addiction. I am not taking alcohol now,” she said.

Health issues

Shruti also revealed she was severely ill. “I went for treatment. Now I have a healthy body and mind.”

Long break

She has been staying away from films. She has not signed a single film in recent times. “I took a long break. There is a reason for this. I am repeating myself in every movie. Getting the same roles in every other movie. Added to this mediocrity, I had health issues. So, I took a break.”

About her break up with Michael Corsale

She broke up with her longtime boyfriend Michael Corsale very recently. “Some relations work, some don’t. We had good times and bad times but I have no regrets. The relationship was also a learning experience. I am now single. I am confident that I will find true love someday,” she concluded.