Who is Sundeep Kishan’s mysterious girlfriend?

Sundeep Kishan has revealed that he has fallen in love. He is now dating someone in real life. He said that he lost hope of getting a life partner. But he found her. Who is this mysterious girlfriend?

He has not revealed her identity or name but dedicated a song to her.

This led to many speculations actors like Priyadarshi also wondered who could be that lucky girl. But Sundeep said he will reveal her name in private.

Sundeep Kishan is releasing his next horror thriller titled “Ninu Veedani Needani Nene” this July 12. He has produced this movie. This is his first production.

Industry buzz is that he met a girl recently and proposed to her. But insiders say he must be talking about a heroine with whom he has been in relationship with from long time. When will this suspense end?