Why did Kathi Mahesh’s wife leave him?

Telangana police have externed Kathi Mahesh for six months from Hyderabad for making comments on Ramayana which hurt the sentiments of people leading to a potential threat to the law and order situation.

On the other hand, it is said that his wife left him.

Days after Kathi made ridiculous remarks about Lord Rama, BJP member and actress Madhavi Latha said that Kathi’s wife had left him because she found him to be a psychotic person. “She was unable to bear his torture. That’s why she left him without even filing for divorce,” Madhavi Latha commented, frothing at the mouth because he said that Sita would have been better off had she stayed with Ravana.

As for Kathi, he had claimed in a casual YouTube interview that his wife left him to Lucknow because she was unable to take his unique ways (like passion for cinema, etc). He had said it much before Bigg Boss and all those controversies catapulted him to fame.