Why Kajal Aggarwal is silent on her Hollywood debut?

Kajal Aggarwal is debuting in Hollywood. When actresses get a chance to act in an Hollywood movie, they will boast it like anything, use every media to publicize it. Strangely, Kajal is keeping mum. Why?

She has not posted single word about her so-called ‘Hollywood project’ on her social media platforms. But actor-producer Manchu Vishnu has been sending press releases that he is producing a Hollywood movie with Kajal Aggarwal in the lead role.

According to a press release, “The film is being directed by Jeffery Chin and the shoot is underway. This film is being produced under Via Mar Entertainment, AVA Entertainment and 24 Frames Factory.”

Why is that Kajal Aggarwal is not talking about this movie when the film is already underway?