Guna 369 Movie Review

Guna 369 Review

Cast: Karthikeya, Anagha
Director: Arjun Jandyala
Music: Chaitan Bharadwaj
Producer: Anil Kadiyala, Tirumal Reddy
Release Date: 2nd Aug, 2019

Guna (Karthikeya) is a calm going person who has simple aims in his life. He falls in love with Geetha (Anagha) and before getting married to her he looks for a suitable groom for his sister. He chooses a guy who is a friend to his close friend (Mahesh). 

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Kartikeya who made grand debut with RX 100 tasted debacle with second film Hippi. He needs another hit to stop calling him as one film wonder. Will Kartikeya regain a hit with Guna 369 from Boyapati protege Arjun?

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Karthikeya played a role which offers immense scope for performance. He appears like a Boy-Next-Door in the First Half and explodes like a dynamite in the Second Half. Karthikeya did perform the role of a Lover seeking revenge quite well but he need to focus on his diction.

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Guna (Kartikeya) comes from a middle-class family whose head (Naresh) dreams of a B. Tech for his son.  Mahesh Achanta (‘Jabardasth’ fame) is that loyal friend, while newcomer Anagha is Guna’s love interest. 

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If the writer-director Arjun Jandhyala knew any better, he would have taken the story seriously for what it deserves.  He would have written substantial scenes in the first half just to make sure that the gravity of the second half wouldn’t have been lost in a soulless melee.

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Karthikeya in his super energetic self like the previous outing, only here he is back to a setting that looks more comfortable for his antics. The six-packs show, the romance which is supposed to be cute, and dances are all there, and Karthikeya does them with supreme confidence.

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